Questions for cinema 4D

Here you can post questions you may get from the workshop of cinema 4D with Ana Gzirishvili, taking place in 4 sessions:
1st day (May 21): introduction to the course, user interface, modeling

2nd day (May 22): modeling, texturing

3rd day (May 28): lighting, animating, camera

4th day (May 29): refining the project, rendering

at the following website:

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keyboard shortcuts:

1 - camera pan
2 - camera zoom
3 - camera rotate

    E - Move
    R - Rotate
    T - Scale
        UL - loop selection 
        UI - Invert selection
        9 - live selection 
        0 - rectangular selection
    D - Extrude
    I - inner Extrude
    alt + G - group objects under null
    Q - generator deactivator

Hi! Is there video on twitch for day2 the last hour? Because I only found part 1 and 2 and it lasted for three hours.

Thank you very much for sharing the streaming videos

Hello! For now, he is the link for the last hour here :slight_smile:

Hi, today’s workshop has changed the time? (28th)
The streaming didn’t happen on my side. I am wondering if it is the technical error from my side


Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately the stream this week we have had to postpone for next week for technical reasons we were struggling to film and stream sinultaeneously. So sorry for the inconvenience.

But the stream of the last 2 days of workshop we will stream on Thursday and Friday 4th/5th June. At the same time of scheduled workshop. & the videos will be available afterwards on the interflugs twitch tv channel.